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6-Cell Options

Fold-over Glued / Fiber-A / Fiber-U

Based on the type of equipment used and line speed, we offer three options for larger volume, 6-cell applications

Fold Over Glued:

Fold over glued partitions have added side wall strip where the opposite strips are perforated, folded and glued, allowing the flexibility of hand insertion or free use of automated erection/insertion equipment. Fixed cells provide stability, keep strips from disassembling and eliminate movement within the carton and are available in 4-, 6- or 8-cell arrangements.


The Fiber-A consists of one long strip, perforated twice and intersected with a short strip creating a 6-cell partition which can be fixed to wall of container to prevent fall-out. It is shipped assembled to increase productivity and decrease labor costs when compared to similar corrugated products. This design is suitable for higher speed lines using automatic erection/inserting equipment.


The Butterfly consists of one long strip and two short strips that create a 6-cell partition. Available in both fibre and corrugated substrates, this design is best used for hand packed applications since the “wings” of the short strips are uncontrolled



Contact RTS Packaging to determine which design will work best in your application!

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